About us

We are a charitable organisation started in 1984 by a group of parents with dyslexic children who wanted to help and raise awareness about the problem.


The aim was to help children and adults to overcome the problems of dyslexia and associated learning difficulties so as to assist them to gain their potential.

We were initially funded by a legacy, and have since received funding from several sources but have been particularly supported by the Small Grants from Ealing Council.


Notable support ventures which have fulfilled this aim have been the Drop- In service on the first Saturday in every month. ‘Close the Gap’, which arranged for qualified teachers in Dyslexia to visit schools and give help to dyslexia pupils in Primary and Secondary Schools. TTRS (Touch Type Read and Spell) which is a course for training pupils to use the keyboard with confidence and speed, which is still in operation and the start of two Adult Courses to give help to a wide variety of adults still struggling with their problems in the workplace or in University or College. These courses provide diagnostic screening assessments and teaching support to build up confidence and expertise.


A helpline for all callers who want additional information and lists of Specialist Teachers and Educational Psychologists.